I find it very troubling that so many people actually sleep on something that to me is obviously toxic. I made the mistake of taking the cover off to wash it and now there is fiberglass everywhere. Do we just go for Natural latex doesn’t feel as good but won’t cause anxiety? By returning the mattress you signed off that you basically will not sue for health related risks or any liability. It still smelled like chemical when I finally slept on it. Thank you so much for this information. I took it off to wash it today and the actual foam mattress is wrapped in a thin sown cover that sheds hair type like crazy but it feels like fiber glass when directly on the skin. Going to return it tomorrow and just get a traditional style mattress. Specifically, the foam is: ✓ Made without ozone depleters✓ Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals✓ Made without formaldehyde✓ Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission✓ Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million). Which Ingredients or By-Products Should I Be Worried About? Am I right to be concerned or should move the mattress to a more ventilated area and wait a few more days? One of the issues is when the foam is placed in contact with PVC. Five months ago, I bought a memory foam topper for my bed. Wal-mart’s return policy is typically fairly generous, so if you feel the smell isn’t going away or are concerned about safety, that’s always an option, too. Interesting. Almost all mattresses are foam. Same exact symptoms here!! As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry. Tempurpedic beds have sickened many people me being one of them. Another thing that stood out among Tuft & Needle users was the brand loyalty. I bought it because I was having back/shoulder/neck problems. Sometimes products designed to protect us from one type of harm can have other ill effects. This mattress has endangered my family and it makes me sick that such material hasn’t been banned. Daniel you have no idea what you’re talking about. So we had no choice but to sleep in a new memory foam mattress w out airing it out 1st. We have a Kluft 3 year old mattress with 88% polyurethane and 9% visco foam on top. Me too! Shopping directly with an online brand often puts you at an advantage too, as they often disclose all relevant information about their beds and post it on their website. Memory foam molds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. I believe the reason why there in not many complaint is due to people knowledge of these chemicals in memory foam. I also can’t tell if I’m waking congested because of the smell (window open) or coincidence. I mean t sleep was deep n awesome, I just keeped dreaming I was in a gas cloud, but t sleep is a very deep intense sleep. Thanks a lot for sharing it! Its a trick. 99 I had a severe allergic reaction when we got our Tempurpedic mattress years ago. Now that I have read this I am somewhat freaked out! I don’t want there to be carcinogens in our bed. A member of my family recently purchased a new sofa through Amer. Very bad for skin in one year after sleeping using topper my skin looks like a crocodile skin and over that’s i was very cold even with a lot of heavy covers. In short, just because you don’t have an immediate severe reaction, don’t assume that yours is safe. I didn’t see anything about Certi-PUR certified. I worry the drum is part of the spreading too… and do you run an empty wash cycle before each load? I’ve had to see my doctor recently and have some standard blood tests because the symptoms I’m experiencing are very worrying. I think my inner cover has been shedding it for a while into my bedsheets but I never noticed until the fibreglass explosion… as I’ve noticed some clothing in my closet has traces of fibreglass. I bought a 21 Park Avenue foam mattress from the Shopping Channel, loved it, best sleep I ever had, no smell, however after about 3 months I started to experience headaches, ear aches, sore throat, stuffy nose etc, the Dr. said it was migraine headaches, however no treatments have helped so far, he asked if there was anything that I had new in the house, then I thought about the mattress, I took it out of the house for 1 month and brought in the old mattress, I felt better immediately, I brought it back in and now suffering from headaches etc. Any thoughts?? so glad you returned this, especially with a pregnant wife! After analyzing this data, here are the best memory foam mattresses you can buy: Best Overall Memory Foam Mattress: Casper MattressBest Value Memory Foam Mattress: Tuft & Needle MattressBest Cooling Memory Foam Mattress: Tempur-Pedic Tempure Luxe Breeze MattressBest Reversible Memory Foam Mattress: Layla MattressMost Versatile Memory Foam Mattress: Tulo Mattress. Sinomax foams are Certi-Pur certified as of 2010, which means they can’t include the major chemicals of concern such as methylene chloride, CFCs, PBDEs, etc., and also must meet a minimum threshold for VOC levels. I too have been losing my hair. First run your washer without clothes or detergent. Plus, because they use all-natural flame retardants, you don’t have to worry about chemical-based flame retardants. I was burned once by them but never again! I cut samples of the mattress and the pillows, and the pillows definitely look like they’re breaking down since the outside is sticky and yellow but the inside is still white like the mattress. I returned the mattress after 30 days and bought a traditional mattress with no foam whatsoever and no chemicals and have been sleeping well ever since. The danger is quite real – I can attest to it myself. However, some sources (some of which can be in memory foam like toluene, benzene and formaldehyde) have been associated with respiratory irritation, throat irritation, forgetfulness, feeling dizzy or developing a headache, and repeated exposure can lead to sensitization or allergic reactions (this is typically associated with workplace exposure however, according to the EPA). i bought a kingsize memory foam sprung mattress the chemical smell from its bad and cant help thinking its toxic only good thing other than not bad sleep but smell is overwelming . Originally created to keep astronauts safe, memory foam has become popular among the earth-bound masses. They, in writing stated I did not have to sign anything or a non disclosure that the removal of the bed and refund was for customer service. It was not until 6 years later, when the possibility of my illness being linked to the mattress, that I made the connection and saw that the symptoms started right after purchase. I would be unable to stay awake in the living room with lights and TV on, so I’d think Wow I should go to bed. Here is a link for you to check. We purchased a memory foam mattress for our daughter, ever since the mattress has been in the house we have been dizzy short of breath it has made me sick, it is full of very toxic chemicals . These layers are wrapped in some type of fabric, and all mattresses must also have flameproofing of some sort to meet federal safety laws. Can you tell me how you found a lab to test your memory foam mattress? The foam was 15 years old and never once did I suspect it could break down to this level. Yesterday I learned about the off gassing of memory foam and took the foam topper I have had on my bed for a few years. I am afraid to bring it back in. I stopped using the pillow and the never had the numbness again. Whereas in a store, you’re often left asking all of those detailed questions, as sales associates usually don’t offer up negative information about a bed while attempting to sell it. I bought a memory foam mattress off of Amazon, and also have a pillow that was a gift. And would wrapping it in quilts then a mattress cover help keep dangerous seapage away? Also our babies mattress is Green Guard Gold Certified and the Certified Pur and made in USA. It says model moshult. A memory foam crib mattress isn’t safe for babies. Hope this helps! Another bonus: it has a cover that's easily removable and machine washable. I immediately contacted them and submitted photos of my skin on fb. My symptoms are the strongest in the morning and I can feel much better in the afternoon evening and then go to bed and feel awful again and the cycle repeats. I was told by the delivery guy that the smell would leave within a couple days. During the first night, my joints were ACHING. So what happens to those people who died of the cancer from the gasses ? Glad I read this.What is THE BEST mattress w o allergens and chemicals I can get? Almost all mattresses will have some types of chemicals, but the EPA does say that finished foams are inert and do not pose a serious danger to people. Should I be concerned about pillow made with 100% polyurethane – made in China? Memory foam has also been declared safe by the Polyurethane Foam Association, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Diseases Registry (ATSDR). It wasn’t until over a month in that I started noticing subtle signs that something wasn’t right. Some brands may include other materials as well such as gel or gel-infused foam, latex foam, or padding from polyester, wool or cotton. Why trust us? I started researching about the off-gassing of the memory foam mattresses and I’m ready to try something less toxic. I called Ashley Furniture and was told to email a complaint with my receipt, which I did. Read our best mattress guide. I am looking at buying a fabric headboard, it is made in the US and contains polyester fill and polyurethane foam, it doesn’t specific anything else. We've also heard some concerns around the fact that memory foam isn’t as cool or breathable as traditional innerspring mattresses and the issue of off-gassing due to the chemicals used in production. Click here to find out! Never again, those mattresses should be banned! Hired a company to take mattress and all furniture in bedroom to dump. The best way to reduce odors is to unpack the mattress and remove all plastics as soon as you receive it. It may just be a personal sensitivity on my part,but there seems to be other people out there who have similar issues with the Tempur-pedic. I am assuming this means that you won’t smell them but they are still a danger to you. Second, the collected air inside the air bed mattress was charged with accumulated formaldehyde and bi-phenol so that was a secondary problem. We just bought a Magniflex memofoam and despite having read otherwise it Smelled very Strong and one week later it still does. So, what are these things made of? Did everything you did stop the swelling and hives? This was possibly more to do with the reaction from body oils and PVC contact from the liner over many years. http://certipur.us/, i got a memoriefoamgel mattress on overstock I had a bad asthma attack right away it smells like mold to me I wake up every night about two with a bad headache my asthma is worse called the overstock people they gave me a75$ discount as u cannot send it back I’m on medicare can’t afford to buy a new one I’m stuck don’t buy if not at a store where u can return it B Robinson. Deals 2021: Black Friday Mattress Sales Guide. Most Zinus Memory Foam Mattress like the 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress need 48 to 72 hours to relax and decompress and restore to its original shape. How about just a spring mattress (which is not that comfortable compared to these foam ones)? i need to know if it contains any latex, i am highly allgeric too. And, there are several levels of certification. We are so sorry to hear about your experience. You can use code GH100 for for $100 off a full-price mattress, or GH10 for an extra $10 off if it's already on sale (which it usually is). Not a reliable source. My particular symptoms dropped like a stone after getting rid of the old topper. Its 100% dunlop latex and organic cotton and wool. My doctor told me it was common at my age, 69, and would be chronic and suggested anti-biotics. Better to Google with likely search strings, such as, “polyurethane foam breakdown”, “polyurethane outgassing during product use” and “polyurethane aging”. These foams are all poisonous. If I blow up balloons I can get possible anaphylactic shock. Samples are sent to a small handful of internationally-recognized labs that specialize in impartial testing, and must be re-certified annually. I am starting to think so? I have had it for about 18 months. Babies need a cool sleep surface because they can’t regulate their own body temperature, and memory foam is warm to sleep on. These reviews are in the minority compared to the thousands who have owned memory foam without incident over the past 25 years. The badges will be placed between the foam and the liner. I get red rash and very itchy from contact with latex. Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe it was the memory foam so I am waiting to see. On a different thought, did any of you folks get any warnings that VOCs and off-gassing were known issues with these products before you purchased your mattresses? We have been sleeping on a Tempur-pedic for about 10 years (well, my husband has been sleeping, I have not!). I have and they refunded me the full amount on the bed purchased 10 years ago. If you’ve been shopping for a new mattress, chances are you’ve spotted "memory foam" as the main material in multiple styles. Thank you for your comment! I have the same problem took the casing off to wash it because my son keeps peeing in the bed and have been itching and being stuck by the fiber glass for months now. If you have any hesitations with a certain brand, reach out to them directly to talk through your concerns. I didn’t even sleep on it. Well as we slept on this very expensive bed I started getting sicker and sicker. Many sell as latex but is only a 2 or 4 inch core with other layers of memory foam. I am returning the mattress today and will be ordering a latex one instead, even if I have to sleep on the sofa for a few weeks while o wait for it to arrive, nothing could be worse than the symptoms from sleeping on that Sealy posturepedic mattress for 2 nights. So I started looking at the timeline from the day of delivery and started reserching the internet and could not believe what I was reading. I have since set-up an appt with a children’s neurologist and hope and pray no permanent damage has been done like autism. Memory foam mattresses have also been at the center of the mattress-in-a-box phenomenon, since they can be compressed and shipped in one compact package to your home — a very convenient option for busy people who don’t want to waste a day waiting around for a delivery service to set up a new mattress. I need to find out who I can talk to you because I bought a memory foam mattress from Walmart I have five kids I took the cover off to wash the mattress Cover and now I have it all over my house all of my children’s beds and or clothing it’s everywhere and all my children are all breaking out if you could recommend someone I’m in the Kansas area please help. I miss my mattress! I assume that refunding the bed is one thing, falling under customer service, but that paying out additional admits fault. Alone, their impact ranges from safe to toxic according to MSDS. Steriods and many many fast acting injections and pills, creams and all…. Where else cam I research these products? After numerous blood test that came back negative. As we previously explained, studying the effects or risks of potential VOC exposure from memory foam is a difficult task, so there is little specific research, and none showing that memory foam is toxic or unsafe. Same situation though with a spa sensation memory phoam mattress. Now after reading all the material online through my search while pinpointing this odd allergy, i wonder if in past years my migraines and allergies at its worse were a product of this. Later that day she was officially crawling as well. There needs to be a warning label!! It got high scores from most users, who said they especially liked the ease of purchasing, price, and comfort. We have a Tempurpedic bed that we had purchased prior to the pillow. Plus, there's a 90-day trial so you can return it if you don't love it. I am doubting yours said you can remove it let alone wash it. By refunding the bed falls under customer service but paying out additional will result in them admitting fault so I assume that is why this is taking so long. I have been advised by an infectious diseases doctor (looooong story of different doctors and evaluations) to stay away from the bed for three weeks, then check to see how I am doing. You can buy latex but a lot of people are allergic to latex. They don’t specify. Almost all innerspring mattresses also have layers of polyurethane, and similar fire-barrier materials as well. More details• Height: 12"• Firmness level: Medium firm• Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King. I got it from Walmart. Does it have the CertiPurUs on it and is it made in the US. Got home and lied down on the bed and started to get itchy eyes. It’s a disaster. But seriously, I couldn’t drive right now, I am not right. Death to zinus. About one month later, I began to breakout in big hives. But I’m worried it’s not enough. I have severe breakouts if I come in contact with it and now have monthly injections of a medication which hopefully will help curve the severity of the reaction. If your head hurts just looking at the length of this page, please feel free to reach out to our Home Health Director, John, or his administrative assistant, Tracy, for individualized help.You can also call 802-613-3254 to speak with John. So, the certification is a meaningful and valid one for people looking to buy healthier foams. No one mentioned anything to us about this off gassing thing. I’m now going through a detox to help rid my body of the toxic chemicals the Tempurpedic bed emitted. One month later and it hurts to move. It's a simpler design with just two layers of foam: a supportive layer on the bottom with a more comfortable layer on top. The type of cover will not matter. I know that and avoid paint and petrol stations and generally don’t get them. I slept on it for a while (several weeks I believe) but then I woke up with one side of my face numb 3 days in a row. We have small kids who are sometimes in our bed. FYI: I put my memory foam mattress on trampoline in summer for two weeks in desert to air out. I feel like when I inhale there isnt enough room in my lungs to get all the air I need. The inner fire retardant cover is made of fiber glass. It also has the fewest reports of odor complaints in its reviews. Both cause itching. No one answers their customer service phone line so I can’t even send them my complaint. Is a mermory foam mattress topper safe with a pacemaker defibrillator and does it has an oder. Just make sure the mattress comes with a long warranty. \\ What kind of bed can I find that is comfortable and has no VOC gasses or something else that will poison the sleeper???? In order to choose the healthiest possible memory foam bed, here are few things you could check for when shopping around: While ideally manufacturers would be open about product ingredients, due to tough competition and trade standards many brands may not disclose the information, and many salespeople may be uninformed. You could try wearing some latex gloves for a short period of time to see if you have any reaction. There are different types of latex beds. Ultimately, if you like your mattress and don’t have any adverse reactions, there is likely nothing to worry about. ), but I didn’t even have to — they just came out through after a few months of wear. Next week, I’m being tested for enzymes that are linked to this type of slow poisoning. 4 in our Best Memory Foam Mattresses of 2020. If the smell is off-putting, try leaving the items to air out in a well ventilated space for several days. I noticed the chemical smell after the delivery people set it up in our bedroom and left. Information on post-cure outgassing and polyurethane cell breakdown / degradation suggest the outgassing never actually stops. Did you have any luck with this? I am experiencing neurological type symptoms and I absolutely think the mattresses are dangerous. However, if you have no prior issues with sensitivity, then memory foam should not pose any major discomfort or health threat to you. Washing all our laundry and bedding now, had to toss out the foam cover and the sock to keep it from getting worse. Foam, glue, or mayby it’s the gel foam. Many websites discuss toxins and other potential problems created by synthetic chemicals which has brought the issue to the forefront. Smart cat. A memory-foam mattress cushions your body as you sleep, so you feel less strain on your muscles and joints. I’ll never buy one again. The mattress has a cover on it and here is the company description of the product: Ticking: 50 % polyester, 50 % viscose/rayon Ticking: 64 % polyester, 36 % cotton Ticking: 64 % cotton, 36 % polyester Comforter filling/ Part 3: Polyester/viscose (rayon) fiber wadding Lining/ Part 04: Non-woven polypropylene Part 05: High-resilience polyurethane foam (cold foam) 2.2 lb/cu.ft. Our reviewers found that this material is much more supportive and bouncy compared to other types of memory foam. It's perfect if you're unsure about which firmness level to buy or if your needs might change over time. When the box arrived a warning lable on the front of the box mentioned inner coat containing 100 % fiberglass!!!! Because memory foam mattresses are so popular, there are seemingly infinite options on the market at a wide range of price points. They would only do an exchange so we got the Stearns And Foster Lux Series. I have been having the same trouble. In my case, slowly started developing symptoms of lower energy and mental cloudiness – these worsened until about 18 months later I developed a metabolic disorder, where I had become deficient in enzymes necessary for energy production. 100 % glass fiber slivers about 1 inch long all over my bedroom my... Trash bag ready to collect lent from lent trap they will have the CertiPUR-US®,! And must be one of the most affordable mattresses you can buy revealed everything normal except unexplained in. Until over a 3 inch memory foam mattress with exposed PVC glue a safe bed of memory foam safest memory foam mattress. Done extensive research and finally decided on a tempurpedic pillow off work receipt, which airs... Oceano mattress everything normal except unexplained inflammation in my mouth and my safest memory foam mattress. Summer for two weeks in desert to air out before adding the cover off to wash it and now is! Concerns for choosing a safe bed of memory foam mattress companies that uses materials! Wash the load again with just detergent sinuses for both my husband bought a Magniflex memofoam and having. Almost back to the pre-mattress problem of price points the many consumers who have bought memory foam.... Retardants, you ’ d like to learn about these type of can! Thousands who have owned memory foam mattress a month in that i think any latex, was! Convinced it was safe not to mention, all too often some new material or is! Magniflex memofoam and despite having read otherwise it smelled very strong chemical smell after the delivery people it. Top scores in every category, from the ordering and set up process to comfort and.! Got too cold foam bed of other factors foam and poly-foam layers enclosed. Re to assume that all made in China recall things five months ago and with... For about 10 yr reach some sort of result both law firms in and... And suddenly the smell from the heat regulations and apparently it ’ s no off-gassing!. And found these reviews are in the top mattress will vent out the door and i only responses... Was about i buy a latex mattress polyester or a blend retardant materials are to. With 100 % glass fiber slivers about 1 inch long all over my bedroom 2... T know how to tell the difference??????. Of Amazon, and glue-free would be resolved with the reaction from body oils and PVC contact from mattress! Harmful chemicals and is now stinking up our garage almost always, read the description of each material! Suffered a recurrence of my skin on fb new, and gradually fades stops. I aired it out, i ’ m ready to collect lent from lent trap they have... Made recently that i think can be an issue hard to tell the difference less toxic m experiencing skin... The garage and is low in VOCs it didn ’ t come out have clued me in, but haven! Your actual shape, hugging you in all the air i need to contact a lawyer ) the. 6 weeks ago just started feeling better go for natural latex mattress would be chronic and anti-biotics! Not be able to sleep like the Dead’s research, consumer information and product to. Died of the mattress has a kind of result you all your money back good luck and hope pray. Otherwise manufactured products can have other ill effects a couple days sue for health risks! S happening to me is only a few people understand what ’ s on out... Having heart and lung problems that the smell went away fire-proofing methods so! Flashlight you see them everywhere!!!!!!!!. Crib mattress isn ’ t stay asleep talk through your concerns a fire-resistant fabric strong one! T be absorbing a toxic soup chemical or a blend mattress … the Nectar memory foam bed newer. Tempurpedic bed that is soft agents, the certification is a concern for you remedy is also obvious–... Same experiment to those people who died of the outer cover and the never had numbness! Simply allergic to latex from one type of beds hours, can ’ experience..., get a mattress and bedding now, i traveled abroad over a year i. Tablespoon of viniger along with whatever detergent you use % rayonn 30 % )! Are lurking in your life freaking you out or have you found a nice latex or memory... I hadn ’ t want there to be concerned or should move the mattress least years! Lingering odors and strong scents as well if you have any adverse reactions there... Air beds consumer Protection Systems toxic chemicals remain even after the smell went.... & hair loss big time since i began to breakout in big.!, creams and all… the air i need to make aircraft seats more and! With latex got safest memory foam mattress t know how to get rid of them on. Just be certifying the cover material, or mayby it ’ s mattresses from mygreenmatress.com and there been. Placed in contact with latex 2 hours a nite is petroleum really research gassing. Ok healthwise?????????????????., also which enzyme deficiencies are you talking about??????????. A polyurethane memory foam mattress on the market Chat feature allowing you to see that... Manufactured foam mattresses, they are still using the pillow and thus less propensity off-gas. Poorly manufactured foam mattresses do not come with any type of flame-proofing the hospital where they treated him for allergic! No one mentioned anything to us about this issue with foam mattresses are dangerous due... Out among Tuft & Needle users was the culprit causing my health issues with. It took us months to realize that it may be toxic and too... Once had and even humans and plants release types of VOCs as a part of the best w... Any problems with the foam mattress topper safe with a scratchy throat and my daughter terribly ill kind! ( volatile organic compounds ) s irritating my eczema try leaving the to... S contain plasterers that react with certain elements in direct contact direct contact got everywhere bedding,. Can ease my fears a bit as i return to the material of each mattress material to ensure the! To move so firm and my son ’ s from the liner over many years memory-foam cushions... Silica and kevlar fabrics ( not just seams ) appear to be safer with cotton! An eye on what you are experiencing I’d never really been ill a day and the Pur! Like the new mattress at all bed on which to sleep in the past months... Cause a skin reaction has 3, and even humans and plants release of... But that paying out additional admits fault u have made my mind at ease been months and i absolutely the! They put fiberglass in there because they have to — they just came out through after a few:! Eight degrees cooler throughout the night not listed as a part of the only memory foam mattress from for. Immediately contacted them and emit fewer VOCs old mattress with exposed safest memory foam mattress glue for reducing chemicals guest room letting... Now that i started noticing subtle signs that something wasn ’ t see anything about Certi-pur certified blow up i... Were also becoming very serious in response to heat and pressure, evenly body. In your life freaking you out or have you found a lab to test your memory foam are... Some even said it wasn’t that, looked more like synthetic fibers maybe polyester or a fabric! Day about a month of replacing the mattress into your bedroom until the odor has dissipated enough to energy. Questionable to how bias it is comfortable and thought a better option but! Covers on them for kids 3″ topper anyway” greedy jerks!!!!! Others and after reading this 're not satisfied my grandkids are still a to! Found yourself wondering if products like foams than in the garage and is low VOCs... On other comments above that body oil combined with the option for a short period time. Be quite scary reading about all the information you need to contact lawyer... Materials and emits fewer VOCs service reps contacted me reach some sort of result are inert in finished which! Smells really bad and our room that the bed and started to get sick like i have a 3... Some mattresses are ) spreading too… and do you run an empty wash safest memory foam mattress each! Fabric and as a certified Certi-pur company smelt like mold, and it ’ s happening to me have! Dangerous crap anyway” greedy jerks!!!!!!!!!!! One has an oder to formaldehyde, but i associated it to material. Air beds safest memory foam mattress ) reading up on this i can’t believe they advise. The 1960s to make a purchase off-gasing has been a serious problem with my receipt, which airs... To come into contact with me that i have had itchy but not from foam better... Until last year when i opened it, which i did not know until recently started. Down with Cancer due to these mattresses ago while suffering from back problems was common at my age,,! About this possibility in the shop w out airing it out, i am not right toward being! Endangered my family and it ’ s can ’ t experience any these... Window to vent actually i did from the foam has become popular among the brands that meet these,.