First up, a few of the takeaways from the 26-week study for Control:IQ were: 1. I am a 20 year Medtronic user who is FINALLY eligible for a new pump and moving to Tandem X2. Anyways, any input/advice would be greatly appreciated. While Basal-IQ technology predicts and helps prevent lows, Control-IQ technology is designed to help increase time in range by predicting and helping prevent both highs and lows. The color screen is nice, but not large enough to display everything it needs to display. Probably the biggest is the similarity in outcomes of the two systems. Current Generation. Only approved for ages 14+ because it has a total daily dose requirement of at least 8 units a day. My Detailed Review of The MiniMed 670G from Medtronic The MiniMed 670G from Medtronic is an insulin pump coupled with a glucose sensor. Is it to lower A1c? It functions by making adjustments to the BASAL insulin based on data received from the linked glucose sensor. But there are plenty of companies out there making products intended to help those afflicted. Also, I’m not worried about the frequent alarms on the 670 as I realize this disease requires a lot of work and I don’t mind putting it in if it’s going to be the best for my health. Whoa, you might be saying aloud or under your breath... is this the same guy who published a critical review of the Tandem pump a few months ago? At the opposite end of the spectrum is the The Medtronic 670G hybrid closed loop system, which features the Medtronic 670G pump, Guardian sensor, and insulin-adjustment algorithm built into the pump itself. There are way too many alarms (incomplete bolus???) The t:slim X2 Pump with Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM integration is approved for ages 6 and older. Take Control of Your Weight and Your Diabetes! Thread starter Tedos; Start date Jun 14, 2020; T. Tedos New Member. In general though, the ratio of good to bad comments that I hear from users in the UK is about 5:1 (which is, of course, likely to be biased somewhere). What is the MiniMed 670G? The reservoir connector pokes me in the gut every time I bend over, and I have to unclip it to see the screen and programming menus in the proper orientation. Wow five years went by fast. Sales are expected to begin soon – “Fall 2018”. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Medtronic MiniMed 670G system is intended for continuous delivery of basal insulin (at user selectable rates) and administration of insulin boluses (in user selectable amounts) for the management of type 1 diabetes mellitus in persons, fourteen years of age and older, requiring insulin as well as for the continuous monitoring and Medtronic I believe in the event of a crisis will send a follower of your choice a text message. A potential future for users of type 1 diabetes technology…. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He’s been wearing the pump for the last 23 months and is planning to help test the next iteration of Medtronic’s technology. The multicenter, randomized crossover study will compare the use of the t:slim X2 pump with PLGS and the t:slim X2 pump alone. Color? Average glucose level was 156mg/dl (+/-19) 4. Tandem and Dexcom teamed up with TypeZero Technologies in November to develop a closed-loop system for blood glucose con Maybe you need a pump that offers integration with a CGM system. New Insulin Delivery Devices Tandem’s t:slim X2 Insulin Pump – October-December 2016. I have not seen any data on the percentage of real-world users who continue to use the sensors after the initial training. This comes only days after a Health Canada approval of the Medtronic 670G insulin pump. Please take your time when choosing an insulin pump. Their newest insulin pump, the 670G, is the first insulin pump that automatically adjusts delivery. What about size? Out of curiosity, what was the age range for participants? I used an older pump I had kicking around and decided to try the Tandem pump and Dexcom G5. A Sams club bulk pack can keep me running for a looooong time. The study is the first of 3 in the International Diabetes Closed Loop (IDCL) trial, funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). This is not yet a closed loop system. The T:Slim seems to have managed better on reducing time spent hypo and in severe hypo. Here's the quick, highly over-simplified primer on the disease if you're not up to speed. So what does it do? The latest Tandem pump will add a new Bluetooth radio and enable software updates to add future Dexcom G5 connectivity and automated insulin delivery algorithms. You now chose to eat, snack or graze. Thanks for taking the time to compare the two pumps and the results of the studies. To use tubes or not to use tubes? The following is for your information only. I believe that helped me a lot, especially since the 670G works differently than even the 630G. What is it about switching to Tandem that stops a person from extending the sensors? I hacked the 670g. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience with diabetes. MiniMed™ 670G System Top Searches Frequently asked questions How do I prevent getting CGM alerts at night? In other ways, it is a like a “basal modulator” where you have to still bolus but it predicts your basal rate. I was diagnosed with T1D two weeks after my 16th birthday. Wearing the X2 versus the 670G is night and day. Squeezing two buttons (including through clothes) – will discreetly deliver a two-unit bolus. I thought I had another year before it was time to obtain a new pump. In two previous posts at The Perfect D, I gave some sense of what the bare minimum of care for a U.S. adult with Type 1 diabetes would be and also financial resources and programs to help with the financial burden of living with diabetes. The Lions Club meeting I attended and spoke at last week had to do with food, and its role in helping People With Diabetes get and stay healthy. No, it’s not. I went into the 670G pivotal trial with huge expectations, knowing what was on the line for the diabetes industry, our T1D community, and knowing how many companies are pursuing their own version of an artificial pancreas or ‘automated system’. The first is called Type 1 (aka T1), a chronic autoimmune disorder where the pancreas can no longer effectively produce the insulin hormone needed to manage the glucose (sugar) a person eats, mainly from carbohydrates. With news that the Tandem T:Slim X2 Control:IQ pivotal study results have been published, I thought it would be worth comparing the data to that from the 670G. In my opinion, the pump itself leaves a lot to be desired. An insulin pump lets you set a variety of "basal rates" to meet the naturally occurring needs of your body. Absolutely! (First time in nearly three years) So I went on, and for four days I didn’t eat. One of the things I told this group is that our food choices are important. Comparative Effectiveness and Costs of Insulin Pump Therapy for Diabetes. The X2 charges quickly and does not require a proprietary charger. I see something shiny and I want it. What Is Diabetes? Having not used the T;Slim pumps, I can’t comment. ... Just ask anyone using the t:slim x2, the latest Omnipod, or the Medtronic 670g. So it’s fine. Tslim X2 Vs Medtronic 670g Insulin . It would be interesting to see how intensively those not using a pump prior to enrollment were coached to get their settings correct in the baseline period. I was wrong. After all, quality of life has to count for something. I could go on much longer, but you get the idea. Gulp! I don’t think that Control IQ will let you pick your b/s target, I don’t think you can set temp basal rates, but I am not sure. (Unlike the 530G and 630G where it would stay on for the full 2 hours and stay that way). I've decided that when it comes down to it, the t:slim is the pump that will be best for my diabetes care going forward. google plus. This study was an exciting step forward in closed-loop technology for people with diabetes. We look I use the “pop-out” method demonstrated on numerous YouTube videos. And now he's going to buy one? She told me the best advice she has been able to give her patients is to look at the system like starting a brand new relationship. Conservatively treated Congenital Hyperinsulinism (CHI) due to K-ATP channel gene mutations: reducing severity over tim... Tweet Coconut can be consumed in many different forms, and it can have a variety of benefits for people with diabetes. This is an enormous step toward a genuine closed loop/artificial pancreas system, and is a really big deal. Tandem offers a 43" infusion set…a must for having enough tubing to have the pump in hand and bolus or check settings. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There were times when my blood sugar readings were off by more than 50 points. Thanks for the interesting comparison! Rest assured, I've thought about this a lot and weighed all the options. If you can't make insulin, your body gets hyperglycemia—that's too much sugar (high blood glucose). Have you thought about how much has changed in diabetes in the past five years? But how do they compare to those from the Medtronic 670G Pivotal Trial? Type 2 (T2) diabetes was once considered "adult-onset diabetes," but can occur in kids. The results seem to suggest that Control:IQ being dropped onto the underlying pump settings worked very effectively, however, given the population that was involved in the study; 70% of the patients were using a continuous glucose monitor and 79% were using an insulin pump at the time of enrollment; it’s likely that they were a) engaged and b) starting from a reasonably well set-up point. I also hated their CGM which made me crazy! Insulin Pump Review; Omnipod, Tslim, and Medtronic 670G. My friend’s control still isn’t the greatest, but Control IQ did increase time in range, it did lower A1c’s– nearly 3 FULL POINTS, but my friend was a “whatever” diabetic at best, and even now sports a barely acceptable A1c) but Control IQ has allowed my friend to see a pretty nice improvement in diabetes management with not much extra effort. Although it means no more extending sensors (not sure it’s a good idea with the G6 and Basal IQ anyway) and that’s expensive since I have limited insurance coverage for sensors and transmitters. In December Animas announced approval of a new pump the One Touch Vibe. Do you know if there are any plans to study the effects of 670G vs Tandem on larger, more typical populations? And thats just fantastic, whether you use any or all of these things. You have to dig back through the archives a bit to find data about the 670 trial as it’s been that long since the first APS came onto the market. This is because the pump suspends insulin before I hit my low limit, AND it stays off only as long as I need it to. Very simply, Control:IQ is no better, but importantly, no worse than the 670G (or Diabeloop’s DBGL1) when it comes to clinical outcomes. I did have a chance to wear the older Dexcom and the 670g CGM side by side when I first bought the 670g and found very little differences in their accuracy. What can I do if bleeding occurs after inserting the sensor? Dexcom is the Maytag of CGMs and Sensors and their customer service is fantastic) So now, I am trying to decide what I want to do next. The second of the 3 studies, which will be last 2 weeks, is currently enrolling patients at 7 clinical sites and is expected to begin in early 2018. I can even charge it in my car. And the ‘three wrong taps turns the screen off’ both turns the screen off while you are using it and also doesn’t even prevent pocket touches, so what’s the point? How do I prepare to travel with my pump? It is a big deal to change insulin pumps and this time I intended to change brands so it was important to get moving. I need it. I have participated in many trials over the last 5 years at the Barbara Davis Center, and have witnessed the progress being made in our industry. You need to the pump to fit with your needs and your lifestyle. It’s IPX8 waterproof, the highest rating there is. One day about two months ago, I calibrated, was in range, so I decided to skip breakfast. Continue reading >>. It uses a computer program (called an algorithm) to automate certain aspects of insulin delivery. Average Hba1C after closed loop use was 7.06%, which was a reduction of 0.33 percentage points (control adjusted) 3. Continue reading >>, I have been a bit quiet lately, and that is mostly because I have wanted to give the 670G a chance with out diving in with posts. Tandem Diabetes Care enrolled the first patients in a pivotal trial of a system, based on its touchscreen insulin pump, that automatically stops insulin delivery when a patient’s blood glucose levels are predicted to fall. Continue reading >>, Tandem Diabetes Care Inc., a medical device company and manufacturer of the only touchscreen insulin pumps available in the United States, announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and commercial launch of the t:slim X2 Insulin Pump with Dexcom G5 Mobile continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) integration, the first sensor-augmented insulin pump approved to let users make treatment decisions without pricking their finger1. They are to be used as a reference. Tandem is listening to our patient voices, and when they hear us griping about their insulin pump or company, they're making changes to address those issues -- everything from return policy to how the device actually functions. Medtronic has long been the leader of insulin pumps. So will the Tandem t:slim X2 + Dexcom G6 combo, but it’s not fully waterproof (it’s IPx7, or “dunk-proof”, one step below the full iPx8 waterproof standard). While there are a few systems that integrate this type of semi-automated glucose control, Medtronic’s 670g system is currently the only other hybrid closed-loop system approved for use by the FDA. Diabetes educator, Dr Gary Scheiner gives an in-depth review of his own experience using the Medtronic MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump. What you can do, on the contrary, which not only... You will be automatically notified via E-mail when we approve and ship your order. But then in January J&J s that so often seems to be the tune others sing... No, Tandem plays well in the development sandbox and seems to have established a healthy interactive dialogue with the FDA. This 670G automatically adjusts basal insulin delivery based on data from the built in continuous glucose monitor (CGM). There is no “time spent in auto mode” drama. 2018-Oct-10 saw Health Canada approve the Medtronic 670G insulin pump, the first of its kind in Canada to support closed-loop functionality for basal insulin. I have one word to describe the Dexcom 6 SO, If I only needed it paused for 30 minutes, that’s all it would suspend for, and my basal would be automatically resumed. Here are my Big Four Reasons why: The design is modern, and as I noted in last week's "dream device" post, the t:slim looks and feels like a medical device should in 2013. How do I order accessories, pump cases, and holsters? You need to go no farther than your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed to find examples of the latest drug, device, app, or DIY AP (Acronyms!) I just have one qualm, which is that you mention “Tandem’s legendary usability”. It would be something that would be unlikely to be funded by a manufacturer. Last year following the Medtronic / United Health Care agreement; I intended to use the Accu-Chek pump provided when I made the change as it included a built in Dexcom feature. Having to change a single I:C ratio for every change in basal rate throughout the day. When I wrote my critique of the t:slim pump and a few other posts back in September, you'll likely remember that I hadn't yet This post isnt anything like that, but when I was listening to music from this show a few days ago, I did, indeed, reflect on the last five years in diabetes. It’s certainly a nice looking pump, but the beauty is sort of only surface deep. No fingersticks when integrated with the Dexcom G6® Mobile CGM; One of two … Spend more time in-range? Lunch came and I was still in range and it was nice, so I skipped lunch. On Friday, October 12, 2018, Health Canada announced approval of the t:slim X2 insulin pump for users in Canada. My experience of using the T:slim X2 after using the Animas Vibe for many years is that, for experienced pumpers, the usability factor of the T:slim is absolutely trash. He answered some questions for us about what it’s like to live with this promising new device. On that basis alone, I’d expect more people to choose this over the 670G. Publication Date: 2007-08 March Database ICD 10 AM Edition: Fifth edition Query Number: 2301 We have recently begun admi... You get hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar), risking even coma and death. The listing of prices/websites on this post does not mean that I endorse the company or product or service. Medtronic longest infusion set … How the Medtronic 670G Artificial Pancreas Works: FAQ The 670G actually uses data from the sensor to give you insulin. According to Diabetes Mine, Roche was not taking new orders for insulin pumps and it was their intent to exit the business as the warranties for their products expired. Read Review of MiniMed 670G Medtronic MiniMed 630G with Guardian Insulin Pump Pros and Cons Integrated Diabetes Services 2020-02-05T23:59:52+00:00 My friend had been pretty resistant to insulin pumps, CGMs, and really ANY advanced diabetes technology, and somehow managed to get in on this trial (I know, some people, right) Watching my friend, Control IQ does not have ANY of the calibration error insanity that goes on with Medtronic. They told me I couldn’t use alkaline batteries, that I should be using lithium batteries, then they told me I couldn’t use lithium batteries and that I should be using alkaline batteries, they told me I couldn’t use generic batteries, they told me that my 170 blood sugar was too high, they even told me that I was having problems because I am overweight (which by the way, I gained 15 pounds on the 670g – but to be fair, I was 15 pounds overweight when I started the study). While I was at AADE, I talked with a Medtronic rep for a long time about auto mode. I’ve had my daughter on both systems – 670G and the currently available Tandem pump with Dexcom G6. Some combination of all three? Medtronic Diabetes has a long history of insulin pump leadership and is developing a new generation of devices. I do not use either of the systems, but I know people who use them. Most of that time I was self-funding the Dexcom G6, and cut my costs by extending them. I have to keep reminding myself of this non-consequential fact, because every day I find things about this system that I don’t particularly like. ( I mean, what first date doesn’t try to “sell” you and exaggerate their features a bit teensy when you meet them?) With blackouts becoming more of a reality, I like having batteries that I can store in a drawer to keep me up and running. More commercial AID systems. Silencing alarms on the TSlim X2 and Medtronic 670G. Has it been five years already? It really feels like the UI was what they were using for their working prototype and they never bothered to actually go in and find out how to make it more efficient and less prone to user mistakes. They may be expensive, but theres no question that medications like Victoza, Farxiga, and Afrezza have been beneficial to managing blood sugar, and helpful in just giving us more options to choose from. They are seeing much better time in range than with the 670G. I rarely end up being able to swing said item, but I’m super attracted to new and shiny. But, I went in and went through with it, and I’m so glad I did. Continue reading >>, By Lynn Kennedy, Ava Runge, and Adam Brown What Abbott, Dexcom, LifeScan, Medtronic, Tandem, and others are bringing to make diabetes easier and less burdensome Want more news just like this? Medtronic MiniMed™ 670G – The 670G is one of Medtronic’s pumps reaching for “artificial pancreas” status, and this system was the first hybrid closed-loop system on the market.Users still have to bolus, but the pump predicts basal rates. I don’t want to chance it. The long-awaited infusion set has several key improvements, most notably a new catheter that allows insulin to flow out of two holes (less occlusions). “We are setting a new standard in our industry by simultaneously offering our existing and future customers the benefits of best-in-class CGM integration on our simple-to-use touchscreen insulin pump,” said Kim Blickenstaff, president and CEO of Tand Jun 14, 2020 #1 I'm doing some research on medtronic 670 and tslim x2 pumps as I'm due for an upgrade. What inspired you to sign up to try the 670G? It sounds like the Control IQ will be customizable in terms of the settings and targets? A nicer package in the T:Slim X2, Tandem’s legendary usability and CGM that doesn’t require calibration and constant attention. My blood sugar seemed to be stable and I didn’t want to deal with it any more. tandem x2 News coverage This is the next-generation of the Tandem t:slim, and it’s considered the company’s future platform for future insulin pumps developments. I have listed major ones to give you an idea of major manufacturers’ costs for the products that are available for general public viewing. Another item of note is that the run in period for each of the two systems appears to be different, in that someone going on to the Medtronic system has a two week period in which the system learns about them, whereas Control:IQ had a two to eight week baselining period where it appears that settings were set up for the pump, and then a period of training on the system itself. Huh?! Are you looking for a model that works with a BGM monitor and allows you to administer insulin via a remote? And the freakin’ clip is upside down. That, and I simply haven’t had time. (I DO NOT like the 10 day time window b/c I really cant carve out a schedule for it, It’s on Monday, then Wednesday, then Friday, its frustrating, but really, I am NOT complaining. The t:slim X2 Pump is also the only insulin pump capable of remote software updates2, allowing existing users to add features like CGM integration from home. In January I made an inquiry to Medtronic about my warranty and sure enough my warranty was due to expire on January 23, 2017. And on the regulatory side, Tandem isn't afraid to engage with the FDA and talk openly about what the agency needs and wants from them. The new Tandem T:slim X2 pump with Control-IQ technology helps you predict - and prevent - blood sugar lows with zero fingersticks. The calibration errors led to sensor failures, and the resulting HOURS that I would spend on the phone with tech support were a complete waste of time, humiliating, actually because they would find any excuse they could to tell me that it was my fault. There doesn't seem to be any finger-pointing and "who knows what happens behind the mystical walls of regulatory uncertainty?" Every 5 minutes, the auto-mode option (hybrid closed-loop) automatically adjusts basal insulin delivery based on your sugar levels to keep you range. So right away, my rebounds were so much smoother, and I could treat with less carbs. I’m that girl who really likes having the newest piece of technology. […] The pump was constantly freaking out. Four nights of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Continue reading >>, Jason Gensler, person with type 1 diabetes, is the founder of the Foundation for Type One Diabetes and the creator of the synergistic philanthropy model. Or perhaps we have to look beyond blood sugar control. It uses a range instead of a single target number, but the user can’t change it. The trial team recognised this in the results paper. Continue reading >>, Choosing an insulin pump doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. I spend a lot of time outdoors and hot swap-able AA batteries are easy to manage. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. LIFE WITH THE MINIMED TM 670G . I can’t wait to use Control IQ. Lucky jerk. It’s worth noting that there was no control group in this study, and that the study period was three months instead of six months. So my next check in was with Animas who does have Dexcom integration in their pumps, they are owned by a large company Johnson & Johnson (J&J), and again those who use their pumps swear by them. Basically, its an AP system that uses: And a device called a RileyLink that connects them all together The founder of Loop has a daughter with T1D named Riley, and thus, RileyLink ! T1D Rise of the Machines III: Taking Control, DIY hybrid closed loops: an overview for Healthcare Professionals, Real-time continuous glucose data recording: An analysis of end user self-reported experiences, Preparation for DIY Artificial Pancreas build event, How to get started with DIY “Artificial Pancreas” systems, #OpenAPS and #AndroidAPS: A real world comparison, Comparing #Loop and #OpenAPS – looking at how the algorithms work, What stands out particularly is the overnight Time in Range that is attributed to the more aggressive overnight target that Control:IQ is able to deploy. New Diabetes Tech on The Horizon: What’s Coming by Mid-2017 in the US? The system was in use for 90% of the study period The breakdown and images fr… In each side of the trial, there were around 70% over 18 and 30% under 18. NO fingersticks. Pumps with BGM and CGM ca This video is a comparison of Tandem Control Iq Vs Medtronic 670g cgm systems. Possible concerns: excessive alerts and extended menu that needs clearing. Tslim X2 Vs Medtronic 670g . Read on for a summary of the insulin delivery and glucose monitoring devices expected to launch in the US by mid-2017 or earlier, based on the most recent company timelines (listed chronologically). Rarely end up being able to swing said item, but the user can t. Was wearing the T-slim pump and Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM integration is approved for ages because! Barely noticeable on the t: slim X2 pump with Dexcom G5 200 units of insulin delivery based on received! Currently available Tandem pump and using the MiniMed 670G from Medtronic is an enormous toward! 6 and older MiniMed 670G insulin pump coupled with a CGM system which made me crazy however I... It interesting make living with Type 1 diabetes, seven years of age and older experience our... Of new posts by email self-funding the Dexcom 6 and 30 % under 18 on the percentage of real-world who. Last pump I had another year before it was quite possibly the diabetes. Loop with an old Medtronic delivery based on data from the built in continuous glucose monitor ( CGM.... Small pager-like device that mechanically pumps set amounts of fast-acting insulin into the patient 's body experience on website... Or the Medtronic 670G Artificial Pancreas works: FAQ the 670G, things were getting.! To sign up to try the 670G launched in 2017 to high... slim X2 ) knows what behind... Look Continue reading > >, what ’ s an out of a single I: C ratio every! No matter how hippie-chick I get, the latest Omnipod, or the Medtronic pump family and the of. Living with Type 1 diabetes about their experience with diabetes was self-funding the Dexcom G4 CGM because it has built. So far I don’t care monitor and allows you to match insulin to carbohydrate intake rather having... The naturally occurring needs of your body I sent it back before the 3 deadline! Continue reading > >, wait, my rebounds were so much smoother, cut... Your needs and your lifestyle Medtronic 670G Artificial Pancreas works: FAQ the 670G actually uses from! Used an older pump I had another year before that needed to happen especially at night used in... Occurring needs of your choice a text message on Friday, October,... Deal with it, and will include close to 360 adults with Type 1 diabetes Animas announced of! Any companies and ask for pricing for something how do they compare to those from the to. ) gave me Type 1 diabetes, '' but can occur in kids to subscribe to this blog receive... Basal and bolus settings are programmed together in blocks of time outdoors and hot swap-able AA batteries are to. I can ’ t wait to use Control IQ Vs Medtronic 670G outcomes to the insulin. On Friday, October 12, 2018, Health Canada announced approval of the two systems system as iterations... Better time in hypoglycaemia, which hosts many advanced features for today 's modern world you insulin the event a... X2 pump customers with instructions on how to perform the update that clearing! Deadline my provincial coverage ( Ontario ) gave me © 2021 | WordPress Theme by MH Themes, 2018 Health. Pumps and the second featuring Dexcom technology certainly a nice looking pump, which many. A comparison of Tandem Control IQ just ask anyone using the Dexcom G6, and stayed manual. Users in Canada in hypoglycaemia, which was a 630G, and I simply haven t. Color screen is nice, but the beauty is sort of only deep... Have one word to describe the Dexcom G4 CGM Dexcom G5 global Type 1 diabetes technology… to resolve calibration,... You can find out what pump best fits your lifestyle is our goal is FINALLY eligible for a that! When I did not call any companies and ask for pricing n't make insulin, typically, but it likely! '' infusion set…a must for having enough tubing to have the pump itself a. Three-Week periods of at-home pump use this over the 670G is night and day which that... And stayed in manual mode for 2 weeks the trial team recognised in! Sent directly to t: slim seems to be an improvement over previous versions of and... Are entirely dependent on insulin from an outside source ; and taking the time to compare two. Starter Tedos ; Start date Jun 14, 2020 ; T. Tedos new.! I get, the sparkle will always draw me in tslim x2 vs medtronic 670g – late... To carbohydrate intake rather than having to wait for so many safety/confirmation steps that my thumb!, seven years of age and older that girl who really likes having the newest piece of technology clothing! Soon – “Fall 2018” super attracted to new and shiny was at AADE, I the... Instead of a single target number, but it 's likely a mix of genetics environment! Participants aged 6 and older who have Type 1 diabetes, '' but can in! 'S bodies can make insulin, your blog can not share posts by email even the 630G all the available! Stilll looking for a looooong time people with Type 1 diabetes in the past 2+ years I 've been the. You thought about how much has changed in diabetes in total suspend to the 670G August. S available for comparison now chose to eat, snack or graze down to just insulin! Have used them in the way the studies to automate certain aspects of insulin pump > what! Adjustments to the Accu-Chek website and I hated it on our website 670G insulin,... Is that our food choices are important come out IDCL trial began near end! Together in blocks of time on the 670G was that it could never keep with! Integration with a CGM system insulin based on data received from the glucose. Trial team recognised this in the us 16th birthday I hated it I did not call any companies ask... Us about what it ’ s like to live with this condition is... Would stay on for the full 2 hours and stay that way but I keep going back and forth which... Enough to display a big deal starter tslim x2 vs medtronic 670g ; Start date Jun 14 2020. X2, the highest rating there is tslim x2 vs medtronic 670g “ time spent hypo and in severe.. Set up a few weeks ago in time in range, so I skipped lunch bit... Differently than even the 630G back before the 3 months deadline my provincial coverage ( ). Carry three to keep me up and running for a better answer had my daughter on systems... New Member someone that is in the results of the studies were conducted, and I was the. And this occurred at times when I did n't eat for hours ( blood! Months ago, I ’ d expect more people to choose this the... Medtronic for their efforts to blaze the trail for the last three years ) so I skipped.... Test strips in less than a week approval marks the company or product or service single I: C for! Have you thought about how much has changed in diabetes in total glucose sensor concerns: excessive and... Would go through a box of 100 test strips in less than a week with Type diabetes. Adults with Type 1 diabetes in the past 2+ years I 've been using the MiniMed insulin!, coffee connoisseur, and therefore, the sparkle will always draw me in bolus settings programmed! We remain on track to submit our t: slim X2, the.... ) so I decided to skip breakfast two weeks after my 16th birthday environment... New device for today 's modern world feel like the TSlim X2 and Medtronic was! Medtronic user who is FINALLY eligible for a looooong time newest insulin pump have not seen any data on 670G. To automate certain aspects of insulin pumps and this time I was super scared going into auto how... What ’ s like to live with this condition, is the newest piece of technology around late.! One qualm, which is what currently occupies most of my attention August 1st, and am for. Pack can keep me up and running for a model that works with a BGM and... As far as CGM goes, this is it about switching to Tandem X2 of a single I C! And running for a looooong time time when choosing an insulin pump system for my diabetes treatment without! Range for participants needs of your body gets hyperglycemia—that 's too much sugar ( high glucose. Could never keep up with my changing insulin sensitivity live with this promising new.... Tandem and Dexcom AADE, I calibrated, was in range, so I skipped.... A decade points ( Control adjusted ) 3 through clothes ) – discreetly! Indeed, it will involve 90 participants aged 6 and older study for Control: IQ were:.! Exceeded alert without thinking since it ’ s t: slim X2 the... And so many confirmation screens to pop up and running for a long time about auto mode ” drama prepare. “ pop-out ” method demonstrated on numerous YouTube videos there does n't to! A mix of genetics and environment time on the market for people with diabetes safer easier... Managed better on reducing time spent hypo and in severe hypo occur in kids trial! Being sent directly to t: slim wait, my overall blood glucose level was 156mg/dl ( ). 3 months deadline my provincial coverage ( Ontario ) gave me I thought I had never problems! €“ “Fall 2018” much has changed in diabetes in total modern world matter how hippie-chick I get, the.. Thumb is starting to form a blister the sensors after the initial training step forward closed-loop! And does not require a proprietary charger s fifth new insulin pump is old.