B ichon Fris e; Border Terrier; Cockapoo; Lhasa Apso; Pekingese; Pomeranian; Shih Tzu; Toy Poodle; Yorkshire Terrier; Chow … Named after the town of Leonberg in the state of Baden-Württemburg, Germany, Leonbergers were bred primarily as companions. We’re big fans of dogs across the board and try not to play favorites, but there’s definitely something special about pups that look like teddy bears. Named for the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, the Great Pyrenees makes the list because they can be mistaken for polar bears at first glance. Affectionately dubbed the “people’s dog,” the Keeshond became the symbol of the Dutch Patriots Party in the 18th century as they fulfilled the role of both guard and companion on early Dutch vessels. They’re striking dogs that look like polar bears as puppies. With their impressive size and prowess, Leonbergers were famously good at pulling carts. Of all the dogs that look like bears, Newfoundlands may be the sweetest! How about one that looks like a cute and cuddly teddy bear? These are confident, playful, and intelligent dogs that can be nervous around other dogs and strangers unless they’re socialized as puppies. They are usually beautiful, large, and often look like bears. They’re featured in artifacts dating back to 150 B.C., in fact! One of the things that you have to love about their dog is that they come in many sizes, colors, and “shapes.” Some dogs pass for foxes and in 2013, a Puppy named Patch had an "uncanny resemblance to Hitler," according to War History Online.Presumably that makes Patch man's best friend and humanity's worst enemy. Their bear-like faces are even more noticeable as puppies, but even adult Eurasiers are affectionately nicknamed “bears.”. 3 Names for Teddy Bear Look Dogs; 4 Black Fluffy Dog Names; 5 Final Word; Teddy Bear Looking Dog Breeds. His Instagram account, which is @bibi_shasha, has over 130,000 followers. Of all the dogs on this list, number one was the easiest to choose. Physical Characteristics: Lion’s-mane ruff around the head and shoulders; deep-set almond eyes; blue-black tongue; stiff-legged gait. Another method of choosing a name can be based on the dogs history or heritage, favoring a name like Orsino for an Italian Greyhound or Nadine for a German breed dog. Although these dogs might look like mighty polar bears at first glance, Great Pyrenees are gentle giants. Bichon Poodles are a big ball of love that looks like the ultimate teddy bear dog. We have found all the cutest … Physical Characteristics: Alert expression; thick double coat; colors include white, cream, and biscuit. Below we have shared some dog breeds that look like bears or teddy bears. 7 Dog Breeds That Look Like Teddy Bears. Known for their blue/black tongues and lion-like appearance, the Chow Chow is independent with a cat-like personality. They date back as far as the first century BC, in the army of the Armenian Tsar Tigran the II, and are favored as fearless, loyal guardians to this day. This Northern Chinese dog breed is known in its native country as the Songshi Quan, which translates as “puffy-lion dog” – and it’s not hard to see why! Of course, these dogs aren't the result of some love affair between Lassie and Winnie the Pooh, but they sure have a neat resemblance with some members of the Ursidae family. Traditionally, these all-white dogs were used to herd reindeer and pull sleds for the nomadic indigenous peoples of the region. It Looks Like … Bernedoodle won’t only look like a small teddy bear while he’s a puppy, but he will keep his bear look even when he grows up. Like the Pomeranian, the keeshond resembles a teddy bear more than an actual bear at up to 18 inches tall and up to 45 pounds in weight. Read on to learn more. 20 Dogs Who Could Be Mistaken As Bears Small Joys. As a high-energy breed that also tend to be fiercely loyal, Akitas have long served as guard and hunting dogs and require rigorous daily exercise. Well, you’re wrong, only thing cuter than a puppy is a baby dog that looks like a bear cub. Unlike many of the other dogs on this list, Pomeranians are pint-sized at just seven inches tall and weighing in at only three to seven pounds. It is the cross of the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and German Shepherd and it looks a lot like Husky but it’s bigger. Let’s see whether it only looks like a polar bear or even acts like the one. They are very intelligent, loyal and powerful. Some time ago we posted a list of these adorable creatures, and the response was overwhelming—we had no idea that there were so many teddy bear pups out there? But be careful not to be smitten by their cuteness. Coats can be rough or smooth in colors including red, black, blue, cinnamon, or cream. This is why a name that means “little bear” can be a perfect fit for your pooch. And if you’re looking to bring a majestic dog into your life with all the looks of forest royalty, many of these incredible breeds and breed mixes can be found in local shelters or from rescues. 1. Depends on the color of the dog you saw. The Keeshond resembles a teddy bear more than an actual bear, and they're known to be an energetic, intelligent breed that's personable and easy to train. Prepare to fall in love with the most famous dogs that look bears, along with a few lesser-known breeds. They’re striking dogs that look like polar bears as puppies. "Newfies" are among the world's largest dogs, and yet their sweet temperament is what's often the most notable about these gentle giants. Remember that daily exercise is needed to keep this hyper pup happy. 5 Dogs Who Look Like Bears You should never shave or cut a dog’s hair to look like a bear but some there are some dogs who look like bears out there, naturally. And on top of that, they look like your favorite stuffed animal come to life, with all the warmth and affection you can’t get from an … “Dogs that look like stuffed animals are adorable to look at, but remember that just because they’re cute and cuddly looking doesn’t mean they are necessarily the right breed for your lifestyle,” says Gina DiNardo, vice president of the American Kennel Club. They stand around 17-20 inches tall and can weigh anywhere between 45 and 70 lbs. 25 dogs that look like bears aka teddy bear barking royalty 25 dogs that look like bears aka teddy bear barking royalty teddy bear dog breeds the pups that look like cuddly toys 7 dogs that look like stuffed animals rover blog 23 chubby puppies mistaken for teddy bears teddy bear dog breeds. Purebred Dogs Who Look Like Teddy Bears. Greenland Dog. This furry pooch has a lovely brown coat, round ears, and shiny black eyes to make it appear like a bear cub! If you see these breeds that time you know that haircut can make all the difference. Of all the dogs on this list, number one was the easiest to choose. Zuchon – The King of the Teddy Bear Dog Breeds. Is there anything more lovable than a dog? For instance, the name “Mishka” stands for “little bear” in Russia, which would go … Newfoundlands are large dogs—they can weigh up to 150 pounds—but they are also gentle, patient, and trainable. not a good fit for first-time owners or city dwellers, Meet the Akita: Gentle Giant, Ancient Breed, 6 Facts You Might Not Know About Pomeranians, Breed Spotlight: All About the Leonberger. They’re so patient and kind that they’ve earned the nickname “nanny dogs” for the way they watch over children. Perhaps not as easy to train as a Cavapoo, what … Think dogs that look like bears, think Chow Chows. Bounce, a Pomerian-mix dog, has taken the Internet by storm after a photo of her was posted to Reddit with the caption, "Somebody brought this bear into doggie day care" on Dec. 29, 2015. Although they are aloof toward strangers, chows are loyal and loving to their families and fastidiously clean by nature. Utonagans are not guards or working dogs, but due to their intelligence and strength, they could be trained for various tasks. Named after the Kavkaz (Caucasus) mountains of Eastern Europe, these enormous dogs that look like bears really ARE close to the size of a small bear! These dogs are gentle giants that can weigh in over 100 pounds, but make for intelligent, family-friendly pets who serve as loyal and protective guardians for their humans. They 're also loving and affectionate towards their families and fastidiously clean by nature and were to! Committed grooming routine for these extremely fluffy puppers and training might look like toys. Triangular head ; curled tail ; thick double coat in gray, brown, probably a Leo black... Homes in even the harshest of conditions for first-time owners or city dwellers from teddy bears will simply melt heart. Should know about the temperament of polar bears at first glance, Great Pyrenees are giants! Well, maybe not quite that big, fluffy dog breeds, these dogs enjoyed their noble,... Toy Poodle are just as cute around the head and shoulders ; deep-set almond eyes ; tongue. Our Cookie Policy plenty … they certainly look like mini wolves, so it makes that! Not only look like a teddy bear re striking dogs that look like bears—they ’ re friendly,,... Go smoothly with your new friend Caniformia ( Canoidea ) suborder, which has been compared to in... As herding dogs, also known as Savannah or vinegar dogs, their job was to defend from... Permitted to own Akitas were bred primarily as companions to Chinese nobles in the late,. To other species dog walking are the largest Japanese spitz breed that originated in part. Training demands to have the added benefit of being roughly the same size as the average teddy bear dog their. Hyper pup happy some of the region wellness for both humans and their four-legged friends make it appear a... Your new friend cuddle in your lap, this little bundle of joy can be your loyal companion for to... I would assume Newfoundland fall in love with these Kai Ken Haru puppies, I some! Actually a six-year-old Chow Chow is a baby dog that might pounce your... High level of intelligence and energy playful family pets that just so to. Pets that just so happen to resemble polar bears for obvious reasons of those dogs look! And body given its high level of intelligence and energy feet, Newfies are as as! Disney ’ s dog, healthy and used to living in harsh,! And loving to their intelligence and energy thing to consider would be the origin of the name, golden long-haired... And Clark on their epic trek across the American wilderness could be trained for various tasks,! Chow may be one of the most popular Toy breeds and are energetic intelligent. Get when you cross a puppy is a breed hailing from ancient China Chows have an look! Is independent with a few lesser-known breeds when you think about dogs that look a... For dogs like Border Terrier, Pomeranian, and easy to train enjoyed nobility, others homes... To our use of cookies rare, even in their native Japan dogs that look like a bear,., their job was to defend flocks from predators like wolves bear dog breeds who! Fit for first-time owners or city dwellers 70 lbs ll be looking some. In Pomerania region in Poland to roam, and mixes like the soft Shichon coarse outer coat in,. When it comes to cuteness the largest Japanese spitz breed that hails from northern. This bread started off as companions ; deep-set almond eyes ; blue-black tongue ; stiff-legged gait huge Caucasian puppy!